Battle Circuit Training

We would approach circuit training as the most effective way to strengthen the whole body. Exercise either with your own body weight or using an external weight, such as kettlebells, dumbells, etc. These training will enjoy strong athletes, endurance athletes or recreational ones, who wants to enjoy great time in the group of enthusiastic people and amazing coaches.

TRX classes

Versatility, functionality and muscular fitness are the main attributes of the TRX suspension system. Benefits are not only in weight reduction, strengthening the whole core but also in obtaining the necessary physical condition, which will make it easier for you to manage more demanding exercises. You will feel better both in the gym and in your daily life. TRX is also highly recommended to all beginners. The reason is the adjustment of the difficulty of the exercise, based on the inclination of the body that you take.

Prague Surf Club

Three times a week you can also work out in the battle room, under the guidance of surf instructors Jakub Michna, Matyáš Menšík and Dominika Krucká. You can work on your physical fitness, mobility, flexibility and basic surf techniques that then help you catching the wave. So just don’t wait until the right wave comes and become a take-off king now.