Open gym + Classes

Single entry to open gym

250 CZK/entry

Packages (expires in 6 months)
10 entries OPEN GYM 180 CZK/entry
10 entries CLASSES 190 CZK/entry
10 entries COMBO (gym+classes) 200 CZK/ entry
1 month OPEN GYM 1.690 CZK / 1 month
1 month CLASSES 1.890 CZK / 1 month
1 month COMBO (gym+classes) 2.090 CZK / 1 month
3 months OPEN GYM 1.490 CZK / 1 month
3 months CLASSES 1.690 CZK / 1 month
3 months COMBO (gym+classes) 1.890 CZK / 1 month
6 months OPEN GYM 1.290 CZK / 1 month
6 months CLASSES 1.490 CZK / 1 month
6 months COMBO (gym+classes) 1.690 CZK / 1 month
1 year OPEN GYM 1.090 CZK  /month
1 year CLASSES 1.290 CZK /month
1 year COMBO (gym+classes) 1.490 CZK /month


Single class

250 CZK/classes

Credits (expiration in 1 year)
credit for 1000 CZK 4 + 1
entry for free
credit for 2000 CZK 8 + 3
entries for free
credit for 4000 CZK 16 + 7
entries for free


6 classes

2.000 – 2.700 CZK

Rent a locker – shoes/ personal belongings

1 months

199 CZK

6 months

999 CZK

Personal training

1 training
price according to agreement with the trainer
Reserve at:


One session 900 CZK/ hour
Reserve at: +420 737 264 187

We do not accept the MULTISPORT card for any of these activities.


Unlimited access to the gym with a personal trainer or on your own during opening hours; no advance booking required.

Group classes

To enter group classes, the User must create a profile in the booking system. The first booking will drop him/her to a minus and the amount will be paid on the spot. Bookings can also be made by telephone via our reception on 775 570 111, where they will be happy to advise you on everything. The credit needed for further entries can only be topped up at our reception, either in cash or via QR payment. A cancellation fee is incurred if you cancel less than 3 hours before the start of the lesson.


For the 3,6 or 12 month options you do not need to pay the amount all at once but split it into regular payments each month. In the event of early cancellation of membership, a cancellation fee will be incurred as per the terms and conditions.

* 6 months membership benefits:

10% discount on massage 1x per month
15% discount on the WHITE CAMP 2x per year
10% discount on the Course.
10% discount on bar products with every purchase

* 12 months membership benefits:

15% discount on massage 1x per month
10% discount on Inbody Measurements 1x per month
20% discount on the WHITE CAMP 2x per year
20% discount on the How to Exercise the Right Way Course 2x per year
20% discount on bar products with every purchase

Credit system 

Applies only to group classes and purchases of products displayed at our bar. Credit can be transferred to another person if needed, but cannot be used by multiple people at the same time.


Specialised courses for those who want to make the most of their efforts in the gym, within the framework of correct technique and a healthy musculoskeletal system. For a current list of courses, please see our menu of services.

Locker hire

Are you tired of lugging stuff around for exercise? We have a solution for you. You can rent your private locker from us for one month or six months and this worry will no longer weigh down your bag.