Complete pricelist

Open gym

Single entry to open gym

200 CZK/entry

Packages (expires in 6 months)
10 entries OPEN GYM 180 CZK/entry
10 entries OPEN GYM + CLASSES 190 CZK/entry
1 month OPEN GYM 1.790 CZK /month
OPEN GYM + CLASSES 2.090 CZK /month
3 months OPEN GYM 1.590 CZK /month
OPEN GYM + CLASSES 1.890 CZK /month
1 year OPEN GYM 1.390 CZK  /month
OPEN GYM + CLASSES 1.690 CZK /month


Single class

200 CZK/classes

Credits (expiration in 1 year)
credit for 2000 CZK 10 + 1
entry for free
credit for 4000 CZK 20 + 3
entries for free
credit for 6000 CZK 30 + 6
entries for free


6 classes

1.800 CZK

Rent a locker – shoes/ personal belongings

1 months

199 CZK

6 months

999 CZK

Personal training

1 training
600 CZK
Reserve at:
+420 774 663 055


One session 800 CZK/ hour
Reserve at: +420 737 264 187

MULTISPORT Benefit and Active Pass by SODEXO


For open gym we do accept Multisport and Active Pass by SODEXO


For classes we also accept MultiSport and Active Pass by SODEXO. The user has to make a profile in the reservation system or at the reception and add minimum of 200 CZK credit, which allows the user to make a reservation for each class in the system. This amount is then added back to the user after check-in for the class. In case the user does not come or cancels the class 8 hours or less before the class starts, the credit is taken (no refunds) and the user has to add the 200 CZK amount again. 


For now, we only accept cash in CZK, no other payment is possible. ATM is right outside the gym entry.